National Standing Committees

The Union has five(5) standing committees.

  1. Publication and Editorial Committee: The committee is in charge of editorial duties which include all matters relating to the publication and editing of periodicals - at the national level.The committee's tenure of office ends with the current NEC, that is, 2018.

  2. Website committee:The committee is related to the managing and updating of information on the National website.

  3. Committee on Social and Moral Education (SMEC): The SMEC in consultation with NEC is in charge of revising the manual of work for the NUPS-G and in conjunction with the website and editorial commitee come out periodically with bulletins that will inform members on social and moral issues. They are usually given a slot during CB gathering such as LTS and conference to educate members on drug addiction, abuse, homosexuality, relationships and such issues.

  4. Fundraising Committee: This committee is in charge of raising funds to find the activities of the National Secretariat. They also engage in projects proposed by the National Council.